Safety at Lucky Jack’s

Traverse City takes pride in being one of the safest communities in the United States. There is very little reason to be concerned about safety while visiting our property. Here is what we are doing:

• Alarms Continuously Monitored

• Accessible Facilities

• Audible Alarms in All Areas

• Auto Link to Fire Station

• Automatic Fire Door

• Emergency Evacuation Drill

• Emergency Lighting

• Fire Alarms Have Strobe Lights

• Fire Detectors in Public Areas

• First Aid Available

• Well-Lit Parking Area

• P.A. System

• Self Closing Doors

• Sprinklers in All Public Areas

• Staff Red Cross Certified In CPR

• Staff Trained In First Aid

• U.S. Gov. Fire Safety Compliant

• Well-Lit Exit Signs

• Well-Lit Walkways


In addition these steps are taken to ensure safety:

• Constant Updates to the Emergency Action Plan

• Monthly training and practice of skills


• Security cameras and monitoring